Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arriving in Wagga Wagga

Most of my stay in Australia was spent in Wagga Wagga, the largest inland city in New South Wales. It is a regional city nestled on the banks of the magnificent Murrumbidgee River. The city is located mid-way between Sydney and Melbourne, just under 500km from each. The name Wagga Wagga is derived from the language of the original inhabitants, the Wiradjuri, the largest aboriginal tribe in New South Wales. “Wagga” means crow and repeating it means the plural, hence Wagga Wagga is “the place of many crows”. However, hardly anyone says the second Wagga; the city is known simply as Wagga.

My first week in Australia was spent in Sydney; so Wagga was a “quiet” city by comparison. The house my husband and I were staying at was very nicely situated; it was close to the railway station, to the main shopping district and the civic center. So when we arrived from Sydney by train in the wee hours of the morning, we just had to cross the foot bridge to get to the house.

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