Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arriving in Melbourne

Our bus left the Wagga Wagga Station at 130 am; it was a relatively quiet ride since all passengers were asleep. There was, however, a snorer in the front row who provided a steady drone.  As the bus was nearing the Southern Cross Station at around 7 am, the bus driver started making a commentary to wake the passengers up; he even teased the snorer. It was also when we were nearing the Melbourne city limit that it started raining. As we got off the bus, we felt a definite chill in the air. Quite a change from the hot days we had been experiencing in Wagga!

My hubby and I waited a while until the rain stopped then began our walk to our hotel. The City Centre Budget Hotel is located on Little Collins St. Based on the directions I got from Google Maps, we simply had to cross the street from the station and follow Lt Collins straight to the end (1.8 km), an estimated 27 min walk. What Google Maps did not indicate was that it would be a slightly uphill walk! With the extra load of bags and a backpack, it was quite a workout!  

Since it was still early and we could not yet check-in until 1 pm, we left our bags at the hotel and headed for the Rod Laver Arena where the Australian tennis Open was being held. We had earlier agreed that my hubby would watch the two days of quarter finals and so he had already bought the tickets online; he was eager to check out the venue. When we got there he saw that Nadal was playing that afternoon and immediately bought another ticket! So during the days that he was watching tennis, I was exploring the streets of Melbourne! I was also able to spend time with my high school classmate whom I had not seen since my wedding day. So much catching up to do! She lived in Pakenham and was gracious enough to come into the city to spend time with me and show me around Melbourne. We even stayed overnight at her home on our last day.

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