Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New York City – Day 2

Our second day in New York was a “reunion day”. Our New York City-based high school classmate was not able to make it to the San Francisco reunion so we were meeting up for an early lunch and then spending the rest of the day with her. We took the bus to Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd St) and walked to Carnegie Deli (7th St between 54th and 55th). It was quite a distance (at least 12 blocks) but we did not mind at all; there was a lot to see along the way. Times Square was alive even at that early hour; so much was going on. We took lots and lots of photos.

Along 42nd St

Times Square

Visual feast

Lunch at Carnegie Deli was really filling; their sandwiches were overflowing and the salad was huge! We still had a little room for dessert though; we all shared a slice of cheesecake. It was good that we had an early lunch because when we left the deli, there was a long line of people waiting to get in.

Carnegie Deli

Big portions!

Catching up

Back on the streets, we continued our catch-up stories. One of us really wanted to watch a broadway show so we brought her to the theater for a matinee performance of “Mamma Mia”. We reassured her that we would be waiting outside after the show. So meanwhile the rest of us continued with our leisurely walk, talking non-stop. It was my first time in New York and I was wowed! There was so much to take in - street entertainment, street food, street vendors, lots and lots of people. We entered some shops to check out the merchandise. Macy’s was overwhelming! When we got tired, we stopped for some refreshment and to give out feet a break.

street entertainment

street vendors

street food



After we had picked up our friend from the theater, we strolled to Central Park. Soon it was time to part ways but all of us knew that we would get together again in a few years.

Central Park

Golden Girls

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