Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Davao City – Part 2

Davao City has several ziplines. My daughter and I were newbies so we chose to go to Zip City, advertised as the most accessible, most scenic and the friendliest zipline for all ages. Zip City is located at the Hilltop; we used to go to the Hilltop for the view and to dine at Dencio’s. The zipline actually starts at Zip City and ends at Dencio’s where you could then stay for refreshments using the credit from the entrance fee (which is P300, P100 of which is consumable). After gearing up, you have to climb the steep stairs to the launching point; then you have to sit down with feet dangling in the air before the guide actually launches you. I think the scariest part for me was going up the stairs; I had to will my legs up one step at a time.  Once launched, it was exhilarating! Wheeeeee!

Zip City

On Dencio’s side, we had a snack while enjoying the view. Another zipline was visible from the Hilltop; it looked steeper, longer and faster. I think it may have been the Xcelerator, considered Asia’s longest, fastest and tallest zip line. Maybe we’ll try it out next time.


Davao City also now has a wakeboarding facility, DECA Wakeboard Park, 30 minutes away from downtown. We visited friends at their home in Mintal and they offered to take us to DECA. My daughter wanted to give wakeboarding a try but they were having a competition that day. Although non-competitors were allowed to get onto the water, it was quite intimidating (especially for a first-timer) to be among the pros and in front of an audience; so we just watched. We’ll come back to practice some other time when few people are around.

DECA Wakeboard Park

Our stay in Davao City extended until after Kadayawan. We checked out of our downtown hotel and moved to the Davao Waterfront Insular Hotel. We were looking forward to more relaxation now that the festivities were over. The hotel is located in Lanang, along the Davao Gulf. Across the spacious lawn, we could see the Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort on the Island City of Samal. It was only a five-minute boatride away and you could arrange (with hotel reception) for a boat from Paradise to pick you up from the dock at the hotel’s Pirata Bar and Restaurant.

Davao Waterfront Insular Hotel

The dock, the boat and a view of Paradise

On my last visit to Paradise Island, shade was provided by the “talisay” trees that dotted the beach. Now the trees have grown tall and a long shaded area has been constructed underneath the trees; there are also cottages for rent. We lounged under the shade while enjoying a fruit shake and buko (young coconut) juice. We wandered around in the playground, aviary and mini-zoo then enjoyed a game of billiards before taking the boat back to the hotel.

Paradise Island

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