Friday, May 20, 2011

Around San Francisco in a limo

recently had my first limo ride - at age 55! Thanks to the reunion with my high school (and even grade school) classmates. Ten of us reunited in San Francisco; some of us had not seen each other since our high school graduation 38 years ago! But time did not seem to matter; we were all chatting away as if we had parted ways just the day before. This group of goldengirls meeting  in SF had come not only from different US states (California, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas) but also from other parts of the globe: Canada, Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), and the Philippines. Some had been to SF before; for others it was the first time. We went to the tourist places but we did it in style! I noticed that people would be looking as we pulled up. I was puzzled by the interest; then it dawned on me – they were looking at the limo! I wondered  - were they expecting some celebrity to alight? Were they disappointed to see a bunch of radiant goldengirls?  LOL!

Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline

Postcard Row Steiner St

View from Twin Peaks

Fisherman's Wharf

Pier 39

Lombard St - the crookedest road

Golden Gate Bridge

Grace Cathedral

Thanks, Mitzi, for making the arrangements!

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