Friday, April 8, 2011

White Beach and Sabang, Puerto Galera

White Beach 

I have been to Puerto Galera a few times before but the visit I enjoyed the most was the most recent one in February (18th to 20th). The local businesses may not agree, but for me this was a perfect time since there were not too many people, just enough.

We drove to the Batangas Port; getting there was a breeze via the new SLEX extension then the Star Tollway. Parking at the Port seemed secure enough; we took one of the many boats waiting to ferry visitors. Our destination was White Beach and the boat took us right in front of the many economy- accommodations that were only too eager to have you stay with them. Remember this was not peak season yet and prices at these places were also considerably lower.

Leaving Batangas Port
Approaching White Beach
Arriving at White Beach

From our room and balcony, we had a spectacular view of the beach and the water. I was almost content to just sit and watch but the beach was very inviting too. 

The view from our balcony

You will definitely not go hungry at White Beach; there are numerous food stalls and restaurants and very persuasive hawkers. You will also find lots of shops that sell beach wear, footwear, earrings, bracelets and other souvenir items. Want a tattoo? Permanent or henna? You have lots of choices among the many talented local tattoo artists. My daughter and I had henna tattoes done by a guy sporting a huge afro! Massage, anyone? There are masseuses plying the beachwalk offering their services. What better way to get the tension out of sore muscles than a massage under the shade of trees right on the sandy beach! Fancy a lesson in scuba diving? There are places that offer that too!

After the spectacular sunset, White Beach nightlife begins. You can have your dinner right at the beach while enjoying the live shows (mostly gay shows and what talent they have!) at the bars. There are also the daring “fire dancers” at the beach. And don’t forget, your nightlife experience won’t be complete without the “Mindoro Sling” (a concoction of fruit juice and rum).

Mindoro Sling

We had heard so much about Sabang from our foreigner friends and we were curious to see the place. You can reach Sabang by boat but we opted to hire a tricycle. There were four of us and we were able to squeeze into one tricycle (plus the driver). It was quite a bumpy ride and uphill at that. There were times when I held on tightly while also holding my breath. My husband got a few bumps on his head.


If you are after lounging and sunbathing on the beach, or swimmimg/wading in the water, then Sabang is not the place to go. Sabang is more of a snorkeling and diving area; there are no stretches of sandy beach. Accommodations here are nestled into the mountain slopes. Many of the establishments  cater to divers; they also offer diving lessons. They also say that Sabang has its own nightlife and visitors from White Beach and other places around Puerto Galera come to experience it. 


  1. Hi! My fiance and I are also planning to explore white beach and sabang.
    We are just spending 2 days and 1 night in both places because of work so we're budgeting time wisely.

    Please help...

    I'd like to know how long it took you to go to sabang from white beach by tricycle..
    Also, how much was the fare?

    Thank you so much.

    God bless!

    1. Hello ron,

      If i remember correctly, the tricycle ride from white beach to sabang took about 15 minutes or so. There were 4 of us and the driver charged 350 php (we bargained; he was asking for 100 php per person).

      Hope you enjoy your stay!

  2. thank you for the immediate response.. it was very helpful. ^^

  3. Hi! I'd like to know where is the best place to stay in white beach? Thanks in advance!:)

    1. the place we stayed at is called buena lynne's resort; it's right on the beach front. nothing fancy, just the basics, but the location was great!