Monday, January 10, 2011

Around Sydney's Central Business District - Part 1

My husband and I were booked at a hotel on George St. in downtown Sydney so we took the Airport Link train that would take us to Town Hall, the stop nearest to the hotel. I wish we had a similar train system back home; it would make commuting less stressful and so much faster. It would ease traffic congestion especially on city streets. Getting off at Town Hall, we took to the street with our luggage in tow. The hotel turned out to be five blocks from the Town Hall station, but no problem, our luggage had wheels and it was a pleasant day (sunny but cool) for a walk.

We explored both directions of George St on foot; one direction took us to the Circular Quay (Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks and the Opera House), the other way took us into Chinatown and Haymarket. We could also go around the Central Business District on the free shuttle CBD bus (Route 555). Either way was fun tho of course riding the bus was less tiring.

We were in Sydney for six days, each day we found ourselves at the Circular Quay. We never got tired of seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House; each time we viewed it from a different perspective.

More about specific places later.

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